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The first time I watched this commercial of a German supermarket, I was a mess. I did not cry, I wept. There was something in the plot that pulled my heartstrings and I am sure it will pull yours too.

The ad shows an elderly man walking inside his home following his dog with his grocery items and then looked out the window while watching his neighbours. The musical scoring was en pointe! He then checks his voicemail and listens to messages from his children informing him that they won't be able to make it to Christmas dinner this year and would try again next year. 

He eats alone... (what a heartbreaking scene). So much feels! My tears started rolling down my cheeks. 

The next scene shows his children in their busy lives reading a card notifying them that their dad has passed. They all travel home and arrive for the funeral. As soon as they walk inside the house, they find that the dining room is all decked for dinner and then their dad appears from the kitchen. 

They were tricked! It was the only way that they could all be together so I guess the father took a calculated risk.

Lesson: As we approach the holiday season, this commercial carried a very important reminder - we should always make time for our loved ones. May we all cherish our loved ones while they are still here with us. Family and togetherness = home.

I never told you how

How much you mean to me
What in the world I would do
I just never made it through to you, oh, to you

There goes a day, there goes a week
So many goals I had to reach
The more I did, the less I cared
The more I miss the love you’ve shared
If life is a song, somehow it’s sad
I don’t know the words without you, Dad
You’ve been on my mind all the time
And I’m missing you.

Home used to be just some walls that I know
But the truth is home means nothing without you.

Truth is my home means nothing without you.

I can only wish that commercials here in the Philippines are as meaningful and heartwarming like this. For now, it will remain as a wish. Have you watched the commercial? What do you think?

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