1:04 AM

We attended church service last Sunday and decided to go around a bit before going home. Angel and Sam accompanied us. The weather yesterday was better compared to the other days of the week but it rained again around 4PM. Good thing we were already inside the car on the way to Powerplant Mall from BGC when it started to drizzle. 

We walked from our church to Serendra and passed by the very jam-packed Market Market. I decided not to window shop anymore as the throng of people stressed me out. Angel said it was reminiscent of Divisoria. 

We dropped by La Lola Churreria Serendra to try their much-talked about churros. I ordered mix of 12 churros (6 plain and 6 chocolate-coated) with chocolate dip. It set me back Php390. The churros craze has not died down yet and I am honestly a late bloomer. I've been craving for it so much lately. If you think about the ingredients used to make the churros, you would say that what I bought is really overpriced but I guess it's worth the price. I could tell that they used high quality oil (or maybe just new oil) because there was no aftertaste (hindi maanta in Tagalog). 

Summer, Sam and Angel with La Lola Churreria's mascot. See how big the churros are?

We then decided to go to Powerplant Mall to meet Santa Claus. Summer cried as soon as I put her on Santa's lap. I guess it was the result of her being sleepy and not used to seeing a big man with white beard. Santa gave her a little sweet treat to calm her down but it didn't help. She was pacified when her ate's joined her beside Santa. 

Does anyone want some sweet kiss from our little darling? 

Powerplant Mall was beautifully decorated for the holiday season. So festive! 

We had dinner in one of our favorite restaurants and headed home right after. Summer slept on the way home so I guess she's tired thus her mood. 

I can't believe Christmas is just 3 days from now. Are you done with all your Christmas preps? 

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Viktoria Summer
Born on February 10 via Elective CS
at St. Luke's Global City

Time of Birth: 6:03PM
Weight: 7 lbs 11 oz
Height: 52 cm

First word: Nomnom
Second word: Dada
Third word: Mama
(Anak, priorities please?)