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We found out I was pregnant a day before my birthday last year. I was already feeling so bugnutin and laging maganang kumain and napapasigaw ako kapag tinatanggal ko ang aking bra or masagi ko lang ng konti. My boobs really felt so tender, I was almost on the verge of crying. I even told my husband to not touch it, not even brush or feather-like strokes. I had the hunch I was pregnant already but we couldn't be too sure. I had to test thrice to be convinced but still only about 80% sure. You see, I did not have a permanent OB-Gyn kasi lagi ako lumilipat. Once na binentahan ako ng doctor ng product that's essentially ending our patient-doctor relationship. 

We were checked in sa Fairmont for my birthday weekend so hubby had to go to the nearest Mercury Drug near Greenbelt to buy me some pregnancy test kits. I scribbled "Medic" on a piece of paper, handed it to him and told him to just give it to the pharmacist. I didn't accompany him because I wasn't feeling well. I did not even eat breakfast kasi I felt dizzy. He came back unscathed with the test kits and so I went inside the bathroom to pee. First test: positive! I showed it to him and we hugged each other. After a couple of hours, I tried the second kit and again it was positive. I used the third kit before going to bed and the result was the same - 2 clear blue lines. 

The next day, my birthday, I called Makati Med and requested for an appointment with "any" available OB-Gyn. We were that excited. We were in Makati Med at 10AM for our 10:30AM appointment. I was first in the queue. The doctor made us wait for more than 2 hours. She arrived around 1PM kasi nagshopping pa yata sya sa Duty Free. She had two big shopping bags with her. Minsan talaga doctors are like that especially when you need them, they make you wait (albeit unintentional I'd like to believe). 

When I was called inside to be checked, the doctor asked me the usual questions and I dutifully answered naman. 

Doctor: When was the last day of your period? 
Me: May 7 Doc. 
Doctor: Have you used pregnancy test already? 
Me: Yes Doc, I tested 3 times and all came out with 2 lines (positive). 
Doctor: Baka nga pregnant ka na talaga kasi very rare ang false positives. 
Me: We hope I'm really pregnant. That would be a good news. 
Doctor: Okay, halika dito iha I will examine you. Please remove your underwear. 

Doctor walked back to her desk while I removed my underwear. 

Doctor: Medyo malamig itong ipapasok ko. (inserts speculum) There's a little bleeding iha. I would suggest for you to undergo transvaginal ultrasound today. 

I was tulala. I don't know but I got scared with the konting bleeding comment. She went back to her desk as I wore my underwear and she wrote an endorsement to be presented to the ultrasound department. We did not pay for the consultation fee because it was covered by my medical insurance. 

We then transferred to another building to get an appointment for Trans-V ultrasound. I was 5th in line so that means more waiting. Hubby stayed outside the waiting area (main corridor) because only patients were allowed inside. When it was my turn, the sonographer confirmed that there's really a sign of life inside me. They asked me if I want them to call my husband so he can see the scan also. I answered yes of course. Based on the scan, our little one was about 5 weeks (almost 6). We were ecstatic. There's no word that could describe the feeling. After paying our bill (not covered by insurance since pregnancy-related), we walked out of Makati Med in high spirits. 

We called you Baby Corn when you were still inside a gestational sac, little one. 

After the scan, we met up with my friend Jonah and we had dinner in Greenbelt. Imagine how long we were in Makati Med that day. Most of my birthday was spent inside the hospital waiting, queueing, the works. Buti na lang good news! Buntis ako! I could not believe it. I was over the moon. 

When we finished dinner, we went to Apple Store and hubby bought me a Macbook Pro as his birthday gift and new mommy gift too. Feeling ko nanalo ako lotto that day. I called my parents and my sister and told them about the good news. 

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Viktoria Summer
Born on February 10 via Elective CS
at St. Luke's Global City

Time of Birth: 6:03PM
Weight: 7 lbs 11 oz
Height: 52 cm

First word: Nomnom
Second word: Dada
Third word: Mama
(Anak, priorities please?)