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Yesterday I attended a make-up workshop organized by FemaleNetwork and Bobbi Brown at the Bobbi Brown store SM Megamall. Not all participants showed up for the afternoon session so it was a small class albeit an entertaining one. One of the participants volunteered as a model.

Here are a few snaps from the event. I didn't take as much because I was trying to fight off sleepiness and trying to take all the information in. I managed to jot down some notes and I guess that's what is more important. 

I still try to attend workshops or go to bazaars instead of holing up inside the house most of the time even if I am now classified as a full-time stay-at-home mommy. I also try to expose Summer to the outside world as often as possible. I want her to be observant of the things around her. 

Angel and Uncle Don accompanied me yesterday and they're both such a big help considering that Summer is now getting heavier every day. Yes, we consciously did not buy a stroller to use here in Manila because we wanted to train Summer to walk early. 

We had lunch in Gumbo but I did not eat. I only had cold tea because I wasn't that hungry. Uncle Don was underwhelmed with his order and he said that the restaurant was overrated. Angel on the other hand was overwhelmed because she did not expect that the portion would be huge. She enjoyed her order of pork with southern-style cajun rice. While the little miss enjoyed her serving of mashed potatoes. I would have wished for it to be made of real potatoes but I think what they served is that boxed kind where you mix milk and butter and that's it.

We visited a few shops and I bought some items from Watson's. The sales assistants kept on ogling Summer and they wanted to hold her. We went home around 430PM and traffic was already heavy in EDSA plus we saw 2 road accidents (one lady driver collided with the center island and her car was a wreck and the other one involved two cars). I dozed off from Guadalupe bridge to South Superhighway. I was so sleepy because I only had an hour of sleep the night before.

We arrived home a few minutes past 6PM. Ang tagal ng byahe! Para na kaming nag-Hong Kong. I don't know if this traffic situation in Manila will ever get resolved. Too much wasted time and energy braving the crazy traffic.

So yeah that was Summer's first visit to SM Megamall and I am not sure when we will be back again because I obviously detest the heavy traffic in EDSA. Nakakaloka! 

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Viktoria Summer
Born on February 10 via Elective CS
at St. Luke's Global City

Time of Birth: 6:03PM
Weight: 7 lbs 11 oz
Height: 52 cm

First word: Nomnom
Second word: Dada
Third word: Mama
(Anak, priorities please?)